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Cypriot Citizenship

Cyprus – the island where you can enjoy the weather, the beautiful beaches, short distances between towns and places of interests and the benefits of a safe, cosmopolitan lifestyle.
In addition to the quality lifestyle as a Cypriot citizen, you immediately become a European member state which offers you the possibility of traveling, working and doing business in EU without any legalities and lengthy bureaucracy and procedures.

There are 4 ways to acquire Cypriot Citizenship:

Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization

To be entitled to apply for Cyprus citizenship through naturalization, an EU citizen or third-country national must have resided for a minimum 7 years (2555 days) legally in Cyprus, of which the year preceding the date of application should be full and uninterrupted.

Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Exemption through investment

Non-EU or migrant entrepreneurs and investors who are prepared to invest in Cyprus. The investment allows the applicant (and eventually his wife & children) to hold a Cyprus passport and have all the
benefits of a Cyprus citizen.

Registrations as a result of marriage to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus

If you marry a citizen of Cyprus and have remained married for 3 years consecutive years.

Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship due to Cypriot origins

A person can obtain Cyprus citizenship due to Cypriot origins as long as he/she satisfies certain criteria.
There are different application forms depending on the age, origin and date of birth of the candidate.

D.E Lavoro Agency oversees the full application and submission process for citizenship acquisition to the authorities.

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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