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Newly registered or existing active companies that wish to employ third-country nationals to accommodate the company’s activities and needs. Main requirement is to prove that the percentage of foreign participation in
the company's share capital is over 50% of the total share capital and secondly for a foreign investment of

EUR 171.000 to be made by the UBO to company's corporate account.

Benefits of Company registration under Migration Department in Cyprus:

  • Initial Migration Dept license allows company to employ and register 15 third-country national employees in total (initial number can be extended)

  • Register third-country national employees easy and fast

How our clients benefit from our services?

  • Helping you with the collection of required documents

  • Stamping the contracts at TAX Office

  • Registering your company under Migration department is a process that won’t take longer than 15 days if all the requirements are met 

  • Keeping track of the process. 

  • Collecting work permits on behalf of our clients

What documents are needed for Company registration under Migration Department?

  • Registrar of Companies Certificates

  • Company's Profile

  • Original Rental Agreement (Company needs to be housed in independent offices)

  • Bank Swift Transfer confirmation (proof of foreign investment)

  • List of third-national employees and EU employees

  • Recent Bank Account Statement

  • Levy Payment

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