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Visitor Permit ('Pink slip')

Applies for:

Third-country nationals that wish to live in Cyprus as visitors without having the right to work. Family members, spouse and dependent children can apply at the same time. Permit’s validity is for 1 year and can be renewed on an annual basis.

How to apply:

Main requirement is for the applicant to show adequate income from abroad to cover living expenses while residing in Cyprus. A minimum amount of EUR 10’000 needs to be transferred to the applicant’s CY bank account along with a swift transfer confirmation. Also, the applicant needs to show place of residence in Cyprus which is either rented or bought accommodation.

Required documents:

  • Original passport with minimum validity of 1,5 year

  • Original rental agreement or sales agreement

  • Fresh bank statement & swift transfer confirmation

  • Original bank guarantee with 10-year validity

  • Medical insurance

  • Original marriage certificate duly certified and translated (if applicable)

  • Original birth certificate duly certified and translated (if applicable)

Permit's Restrictions:

  • Not allowed to work in cyprus

  • Permit is cancelled if holder remains for 3 consecutive months out of cyprus

  • Permit is valid for one year – renewed anually

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