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DGL Sports Agency

DG Lavoro sports is a modern Cyprus based sports management agency. We specialise in football, offering our clients the highest quality of representation, providing a range of services, assisting them in achieving their goals.

1. Players Management

We offer the negotiation of the contract. We seek for our players’ management to ensure that the relationship amongst them, their clubs and other stakeholders is mutually beneficial. This allows and ensures that our athletes are fully focused and dedicated to on-field activities.​

2. Career Development

We can provide our athletes with career development unmatched by any other agency. We assist them in making a laid out plan towards their dream career and then provide them with professional support to reach their goals without compromising any of their future plans.

3. Public and Media relation

We ensure that the image of our athletes is well promoted and protected. Our aim is to ensure that our athletes are fully represented in the public eye.

4. Financial planning

5. Legal support – Advice

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