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Shareholder Agreements

  • A shareholders Agreement is a legally binding agreement between a company’s shareholders which describes how the company should be operated and outlines shareholder’s rights and obligations. This Agreement is intended to make sure that shareholders are treated fairly and their rights are protected.”

Company Management & Administration

  • Nominee Shareholder

    • Our company can take up the position of shareholder of your company, pending the signing of a trust agreement with the Ultimate Beneficial shareholder of the company. The primary purpose of this service is to afford our clients the privacy they desire, and protect the identity of our clients. This position does not have any executive authority to manage the company.”

  • Nominee Professional Director

    • We offer our clients local directors with high level of business management in the fields of business administration, management and administration. Our company may also hold this position for our clients whereby bringing a high level of expertise and independence that is necessary.

  • Secretarial Services

    • We offer our clients our services in taking up the position of secretary of their company, whereby preparing and keeping up to date all registers required by law, conducting annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, Arranging and attending board meetings whilst taking minutes, ensuring all corporate compliance measures and preparing resolutions.

Banking Services

  • We are able to assist you in opening any type of account, whether you are an individual wanting to open an account in Cyprus, or a company wishing to set up in Cyprus and require an account for your business.

Business Consulting Services

  • A combination of all our services, tailored to each individual case. We take care of the entire process based on our clients needs, from the beginning and turning it into a fully functional company to allow our clients to take over.

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