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Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus Permanent Residency also known as a Cyprus Immigration permit or unlimited residency .This permit entitles Non-Eu citizens who are eligible for this status to enter and reside in Cyprus with no limitations .

Permanent Resident Program is divided into several main categories :

Investment:  Investors who purchase property in Cyprus and have funds from abroad.

1. Fast Track Permanent Residency can be obtained by investment at least 300,000 Euros plus vat in a brand-new house or apartment In Cyprus.

2. Permanent Residency Category F can be obtained by investing at least 100,000 Euros plus vat and annual income from abroad which covers living expenses whilst residing in Cyprus without working or doing business. Yearly income of 9568 Euros per applicant and 4613 for each dependent person .

3. Permanent Residence by employment of a 5-year period

Non-Eu citizens who have resided legally in Cyprus for 5 years and had a valid Cyprus temporary residence card are qualified and eligible to apply for the long-term residence permit

4. Permanent Residency for EU citizens

EU citizens and their family members are eligible for permanent residency after 5years of continuous legal residence in Cyprus.

5. Permanent Residency by the Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Program provides a Cyprus Citizenship with an investment of 2 million Euros and an additional donation of 150,000 to an investor and his family (wife and children up to 28 years old).

6. Permanent Residency by marriage to Cypriot

Applicants married to Cypriot Citizens, their minor children from a previous marriage and also parents of the Cypriot citizens or parents in law are entitled to apply for the residency permit with unlimited duration.

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