• Kyriaki Stephanou

Sous Chef

Responsible for :

The Sous Chef is responsible for the proper efficiency and profitable functioning of your station which has been assigned to you. Also supervises the work of the Cooks in your station, remaining fair and impartial at all times. Maintains high standards of quality and develops a gastronomic team evolving with trends and fashion.


Work closely with his Executive chef and the Head chef to follow up assigned work.

Requisition work to your team according to the specials and daily business and promote team work between yourself and subordinates.

Have the station always clean and maintain a strict and fair leadership.

Check all food items before leaving the station and must see that food is of excellent standard and taste.

Must see to it that food is always ready on time.

He has to be completely familiar with all instructions of the hotel’s recipes.

Teach his subordinates according to standard recipes and constant monitoring of standards.

Aware of all house rules and not only obeys them but to assist in enforcing them.

He conducts himself in such a manner so as to encourage fellow employee to do likewise.

Continue to update and supervise your team to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained with regards to information and activities within the hotel.

Ensure daily briefings are carried out for each shift and disseminated relevant information to all associates.

Controls portions and presentation as according to the recipe cards and photo shoot.

To implement company policy and procedures as derived by management and SOP.

Proposes new and initiative ideas for menus.

Clearly describe standards using photography and recipe cards.

Ensures the food is prepared and cooked using a system that guarantees fresh quality dishes.

Ensure the staff is groomed according to the hotel’s grooming manual.

Ensure the staff are wearing gloves hats and when required nets in order to ensure the safety of our guests.

Ensures that all food items are ready for service with the standards preparation time.

Control costs by minimizing spoilage, waste and exercising portion control.

Ensure all issues pertaining to guest satisfaction are met and that all follow up is completed on a timely basis, be proactive not reactive towards guests expectations.

Develop and maintain a motivational working environment with the team and positive relations with other departments.

Ensure HACCP policies, procedures and codes of practice are implemented and oversee the consistent implementation of its targets. Record and maintain records of all procedures.

Provide employee counseling, support and guidance as required.

In the event of staff shortages within your department you are expected to execute duties outside your daily routine in order to support the moral standing of the staff and the department.

Assign and distribute daily tasks to respective personnel.

Maintain proper discipline with staff to protect the good name and assets of the hotel.

Morale boosting to enhance good service and team work.

To control stocks of materials for daily use in kitchens, perishables and non perishable.

Responsible for maintaining the good condition of the hotels furnishings and equipment.

Co-ordinates all service standards in kitchen regarding food and service.

Ensure the food cost is to the hotels standard of …%.

Ensure the operating expenses, chemicals; utensils etc are controlled according to the hotel’s standard.

To treat, speak and handle your team members, both below and above you in the organizational chart, with respect, cooperation and with the utmost correct manner.

Keeps himself informed regularly about stock levels, stock movements, slow/ fast moving items and recommends action where needed.

Observes all procedures influencing the quality of food, e.g. handling, storing and serving in the whole hotel, and puts recommendations forward where appropriate and participate in training and development of staff.

To perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Food & Beverage Manager and or the Hotel Manager.

Ensure that Occupational Health and Safety requirements are observed, maintained and enforced.

Ensure the profitability of the kitchen department is to the hotels expectations and standards as per the budget.

Ensure the cleanliness for all kitchen areas is impeccable and immaculate condition and all HACCP procedures and standards are followed as per the HACCP manual.

Any other duties assigned to you by management.

Basic Qualifications

  • Graduate of the Hotel and catering school

  • 5 years experience in the same or similar position

  • Pleasant character

  • Understanding of the HACCP Principles

  • Very good use of the English/ Greek language


-40Hours per week

-5days x 8 hours

-3 shifts

If you match the above criteria and you are interested for the position, please submit your CV to kyriaki@lavoro.com.cy

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